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How to Make Paella de Campo

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

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There is nothing more Spanish than Paella. This traditional dish, originally from Valencia, is a perfect mix of saffron flavoured rice, chicken, seafood and vegetables. There is no one single type of Paella, each region of Spain has its signature style, and each family has its own favourite version. Today Maria shows us how to make a mixed meat version - Paella de Campo.


  • Chicken

  • Spanish Chorizo

  • Green beans

  • Mushrooms

  • Calasparra Rice

  • Sofrito (we pre-prepare this for you)

  • Paella stock (we pre-prepare this for you)

  • Water, salt & olive oil


  1. Pan fry the chicken and chorizo in olive oil

  2. When slightly brown, add the beans and mushrooms, continue to cook and stir

  3. Add the Sofrito (normally you would start with this, but add the pre-cooked now)

  4. Add the pre-cooked stock

  5. Stir and cook, and add some salt

  6. Now get a jog of tap water and add until the rice is fully covered

Tip 1:

Never stir your paella. Unlike risotto you want the rice to stick to the bottom of the pan and create a caramelised crust. So resist the urge - dont stir! (If you run out of liquid, just add more water)

Tip 2:

Never fill your pan to the top with liquid. Only ever about half way.

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